Sunday, October 2, 2011

On The Road Again...

Howdy, Pals!
Yesterday we all hopped into our van and drove 12 hours to Chattanooga, TN. It's been a few months since we "toured" last. Climbing back into that big black house on wheels was like crawling back into the comfort of something that once seemed so familiar- not familiar in the negative, complacent way, but in the way that makes you feel as if you just got a fresh, new surge of energy and comfort in your bones. I felt like I was stepping into a place I'd been missing for the past few months- the place where we are vessels of love, making small changing in this big world that we hope will amount in a big change.

I hope some of you will be able to make it out to some of the shows we have coming up. If not, I hope to see you sometime sooner than later. However, if you are planning on coming out and want to do something nice for us, here are some things we enjoy:
Cookies, individual jelly packets, gift cards, chips (original, bbq, salt & vinegar), fruit, any goodies, but most of all: HUGS. (On a side note, if you have a cat that you can bring out to a show I will shower it with love and hugs).
Also, if you are ever interested in seeing or purchasing anything from Wood Heart Jewelry I'll have all of the pieces traveling with me while we're out so feel free to ask me about them at a show!

Shannon Briggs Bolanowski 

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