Thursday, April 7, 2011


Let me tell you what, I love reading. However, in the past year I've learned that it's difficult to carry around your personal library of books from home when you live in a van. What a conundrum I found myself in- I was limited to the one or two books I decided to take with me at the start of a trip, and I found myself wishing I had brought book A or B instead of book C or D. Don't fret though, I found the light at the end of the tunnel! Recently, my best friend purchased me an invention called a "nook". This contraption contains as many books as you want, and they fit conveniently in the palms of my hands.  The last two weeks have been a blast for me! I've read so many books, magazines, newspapers, etc... The possibilities have been endless! 
One book though that has been of great inspiration to me is Anne Lamott's 'Traveling Mercies'. It's a powerful, raw read that has successfully made me laugh, cry, and really examine life. Do yourself a favor and sink your teeth into this piece of luscious literature.  
 Also, I found those pictures I was trying to upload last week...enjoy!



  1. Shannon -

    Maybe we metioned this, but Mary fell in love with Traveling Mercies, so much so that she and Eric started a band 12 years ago and called it Traveling Mercies, after Anne Lamott's book.

    Hope you guys are well. Come stay again sometime.

    Steve, Mary, Andrew & Spike in SLC

  2. Steve,
    I remember Mary mentioning the book, which is what caused me to decide to give it a read! Holy moly, this book is literally changing my life. It's made such an impact on me that I've been forcing Mike to listen to me as I read it to him while he drives. :) I really hope we can get back to SLC soon, not just to play a show, but to hang out with your family again. We speak often of how much we loved everyone in SLC.