Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We've had the luxury of having a few days off from tour while in Lancaster, PA. We love Lancaster because we have dear friends here in a band called The Beggar Folk. Do yourself a favor and check out their tunes. Heck, why not buy their CD? The past few days have been full of adventures: we've gone to the market, visited Chickies Ridge, played with cats, played frisbee & soccer with some wonderful strangers in the park, made some delicious food, recorded new songs, and made lots of new friends.
The winter weather has finally decided to go on vacation and let spring take its place. I love going for walks in short sleeves and dresses without getting even a single goosebump! Way to go, spring. 

This internet won't let me upload any pictures of these adventures, so if you'd like to see them by taking your own adventure to my Flickr, click here

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