Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wooden Heart

   I usually don't have a whole lot of new, exciting things to say on here, but guess what? Today I have some exciting, new news! As of Tuesday night I officially launched Wooden Heart Jewelry. Since we tour full-time, it's been nearly impossible to find an employer willing to hire someone for a few random days a month. And regardless of what you may have heard, we aren't exactly "raking in the Benjamins" at the moment. Therefore, I needed to find a creative way of sustaining a somewhat livable income. Trust me, I would have gone and done something else with my life by this point if playing music wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. So, I thought real hard about something I could do and take with me while we travel. This is what I came up with: making jewelry.

   I feel like a lot of the jewelry I see people wearing today is so mass-produced and cheap looking. I wanted to make pieces that were unique, handmade, and had a little special flair to them. I decided to use all semi-precious stones, real gold and silver, and vintage accents (watch faces, gears, found objects, etc...). I think the key to investing into a piece of jewelry is knowing that you're wearing something that was handmade with love, care, and durable material. So, that's what I'm aiming to do: create products that you will love, which will in turn help me continue to travel and be a part of my family, Mike Mains & The Branches. For those who read this, it would mean the absolute world to me if you would help me spread the word about Wooden Heart. I've posted some samples of my work, and will continue to keep updating the store about once a week depending on how busy we are with traveling.

   With Love,
Shannon Briggs Bolanowski

   I present to you: Wooden Heart Jewelry

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  1. Its really a great piece of art I must say, keep it up! I look forward to it at the store, I dig it !