Thursday, August 25, 2011

MMTB Is Proud To Introduce: Nate Dogg

Hello everybody! We would like to introduce you all to Mr. Nate Wethy. You may have seen Nathan at shows with us recently strumming on the ol’ bass guitar. He has been doing an awesome job, and since he will be joining us for our upcoming tours and contributing on the blog, we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce you to him. We think he’s a stand up guy, and he has the MMTB stamp of approval!

Nate, thanks for taking the time to share with us a little bit about yourself. First off, can you tell our readers a little bit about you, where you’re from, what you do with your time, etc.?

Well I'm really into barbecue potato chips, Now and Laters, sunflower seeds and Glacier Freeze Gatorade. Now that that is settled, I am from Lansing, Michigan, which if you have never been there, you definitely need to not check out. My Mexican heritage is important to me. (1/8th, no biggie) So everyday I spend 1/8th of the day (3 hours silly) doing Mexican things. Shakin’ the Maracas, wearing the sombrero, etc. The other 7/8ths of the day I do white boy things. Sleeping, wishing I had better dance movies, making spreadsheets, working on my comb over, you know, the usual. 

I know you tend to introduce yourself by immediately acknowledging your ridiculous nickname. Can you tell us about that nickname and where it came from?

I am not sure which nickname you are a referring to, I don't recall having any ridiculous ones. But my real name, Nate Dogg, well that came from my parents, they started that one. Now all the people of the world call me that, everyone from my 75-year-old grandpa, to my 3-year-old niece, not to mention every boss that I have ever had. That being said I have the upmost respect for the late rapper Nate Dogg.

You have been known to consistently wear hip-hop-influenced jeans and flat-brimmed hats slightly off centered, and you recently sold merch for a Wiz Khalifa concert. Are you aware that Mike Mains & The Branches is not a rap group? Are you trying to use this band as a stepping-stone to launch your personal hip-hop career?

I’m just all about that swagger, my friend. My only goal as far as my rap career is concerned is to become "rap support" for some famous rapper. Nothing sounds better than waving a flag on stage behind Weezy, dropping in the occasional “whats,” “uhs,” and shout out to my home town (517, Southside till I die, that’s just how I get down.)

Oooookay. You have spent some time on the road with us now, how has the experience been, and what do you look forward to about the upcoming tours?

I’m looking forward melting the faces of the youth across the land. In addition to that, I plan to re-read the Potter series; yeah you can make fun of me all you want, just wait until I bust out the crucio or avada kedavra. In case you were wondering my patronus is a penguin. 

Do you have any good stories to share about funny or interesting things you have experienced with the band?

Well other than seeing a dead bald eagle, people getting thrown into the ditch on the highway, 2x4's getting shot through windshields and grandmas almost getting plowed over by SUVs…..? No. 

If you had to sum up the Nathan Wethy approach to life in one inspirational phrase, what would it be?

I am not a mathematician so I don't know about all that "sum" stuff but all I do is try to keep it real, don't take things so seriously, and work hard. Most of all: Do those things that the dead people can't!

Kaboom Baby

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