Monday, March 7, 2011

Memories Again

I have been in Texas the last week. I learned a lot about myself while living here a couple of years ago. It's funny how certain locations have memories attached to them. What are memories? Perhaps some mythical bridge that connects us to our past that can only be crossed in our mind? I read in a book today that memories are "stuck in an eternally locked vault of time". How true.  

We can't go back, no matter how hard we pray. They exist somewhere in the ever fading shadows of time's past. History is truly a wonder. I often heard in school that history repeats itself. I don't know that I completely agree. I believe there are certain principles and formulas that work and ones that don't. When set in motion, sparks fly. However, I can say that I have spent a lot of time in my years focusing on the memories that make me wish I would have never been born. 

You know, the ones that we sweep under the rug, or regret, or wish we could erase with a Tide Stick. Yet, with the bittersweet sting of past failures comes an incredibly crisp sense of gratitude for forgiveness. Life isn't about trying to patch every little hole in our roof or take back every terrible word that slipped out of our mouths. I believe it's about celebrating the fact we are alive and that we are together- that it is the great adventure. We are stories being written one day at a time and someday ours will come to an end on this side of eternity. 

What kind of memory will we be in the hearts of our surviving loved ones? We are born. We all live. We all die. I hope that I can be a memory of love for mankind. 

p.s. I am officially an uncle now....

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