Saturday, January 8, 2011

Appreciating Each Day

What started off as a really difficult tour is quickly becoming one of the better ones thus far. We have experienced a lot of van trouble and other various trials the past few days. Yet I have been encouraged to see how everything has come together. I have been thinking very retrospectively as of lately. In doing so I have learned the importance of leaving my mistakes alone and walking forward. Life is too short to drive through it looking in the rear view mirror.

We never know when our time here ends. We have faith and belief, yet no way of knowing when our last breath will occur. Though this truth carries  a heavy weight, it has also been the catalyst for gratitude in my life for it's many blessings. I am eager to live out every second of every day with charity and grace in my heart towards God and my fellow neighbors. I am thankful to be on the road experiencing my dreams with an incredible group of people. Here's to an awesome year.


- Mikey

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