Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey there Kanye, Ima let you finish. But first I need to address a few things. Music is stupid these days. We played with Mickey Avalon the other day. I guess that’s what sparked these thoughts. I feel like writing good music is no longer what makes bands successful. Being bizarre or marketable or good looking or of questionable sanity is what packs out venues and sells records. I’m talking just as much about the generic-formula-country garbage as I am the generic-formula-indie rock garbage or the booty-poppin-club-rockin excuse for hip-hop music. I’m kind of angry about it. I don’t make a pay check, and I’m not even complaining about that. It’s just frustrating that the remedy for that isn’t to write better music, but to have a better marketing strategy.

Sorry to sound so negative today. This has just been on my mind lately. It's not really a reflection of my overall mood. I'm happy as a clam, in fact.


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