Monday, January 31, 2011

Arizona to Texas

The past couple of days have been quite entertaining. After our show in Tuscon we set up camp in our van and decided to leave for  Texas in the morning. On our way to Texas, Mike saw a sign for Tombstone, AZ. He's in love with the west and all it's cowboys and outlaws, so naturally we thought it would be a fun idea visiting the town.
It's fun being a tourist in a ghost town. All the locals dress like cowboys and pretend to shoot each other everyday at 3pm. We couldn't afford to actually watch the shootout, but walked around Boothill Cemetery, downtown, and saw the OK Corral.
On the way back out to the highway, we stopped at Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David. It was a refreshing experience. We got to tour the monastery by ourselves and took time to reflect and soak up the tranquility of the place. Perhaps the most beautiful site was the church, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The amazing little church was built by hand in 1974 using damp dirt and plaster. If you ever find yourself on your way to Tombstone, make sure to experience this tiny piece of pure serenity.


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