Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep At It

“When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?”

-       Allen Ginsberg (America)

I feel like this at times on the road. We desire to live a peaceful comfortable life at times. This lifestyle is not found with ease on the road. Yet in an industry paved with the failures of so many others who have gone before us, along with the success of others, here we are. The true test of what you believe in doing isn’t found only when there is an overflow of abundance.

            I spent SEVENTY FOUR DOLLARS on some retarded steak eating contest. Now I am pissed about it. Yet I am out on the road living in the answer of so many of my prayers. I am a traveling musician. This is what I do. I am possessed with this dream that has a hook in my heart. No matter how difficult life’s potholes become to avoid I’ll drive on. Will you drive on? Or will you settle? Are you willing to pay the price to live out the dreams that are inside of you?

In a book by a famous theologian E.W. Kenyon is a story about a man who hade these incredible pieces of art out of wood. People from all other the world came to see what he had created. When asked how he had even come to a place of such artistic wonder he responded simply: “I just kept at it.”

Think on that.


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