Sunday, January 30, 2011

A bit scattered perhaps...

I don’t know what this will be about. I do know that I am over two days behind in my blogging. For all those who read this, I apologize. I have made some difficult decisions lately. Some of which have changed relationships immensely. You certainly cannot predict the future. You stand over the new year with a handful of dreams and plans, then a month goes by and you realize that things change.

I blog because I am in a band and we have agreed to do this to engage our “fans”.  Honestly though, I can't say I am always interested in engaging anyone. At times, I could care less. Sometimes it feels like I am trying too hard to make something happen. I spent years of my life going to school, working on a farm, doing what I was told do and wondering why?

Why do we sincerely want “fans”? I guess if you are a fan you will invest in us financially and enable one by one for us to do this for a living. It is in this that I realize there is way more to it than this. I grew up listening to bands and felt like they were writing about everything I was going through. I went to see them and was star struck by there performance and even more, how nice the majority of them were. It was far more than just a financial transaction at a merchandise table. They were communicating something that I believed in. It was real to me. It resonated inside of me.

I say all of that to say this: If after all that we have accomplished as a band and this ends tomorrow, I would be encouraged to know that at least a few of your lives were touched by something that I have put my hand to. There is no thought of stopping at all for me but I say that to express my gratitude for your faith in me. Not only for me but our entire band. This has been something that has had highs and lows. The deeper the valley the more glorious the view once you reach the top on the mountain. If you don’t have to fight for something I doubt it’s as significant as you assume it to be.

This is life. It’s difficult. Yet its worth fighting and enjoying every single day. Like the ending line of American History X: “Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time.” I agree. Today is a gift, tomorrow is not certain so I implore you all to give every second, every word, every task your greatest effort. I am thankful to all of you who may be “fans” of what we are doing. Yet I desire for you to feel apart of this and connected to what we are doing. As Burk said earlier: “We want you to be a branch.” I desire that you feel connected to us. Anyway, this has been a random blog and I am now ready for sleep world. Thanks to every person who has purchased a shirt, cd, sticker, button, or a ticket in support of what we are doing.

Thank you for believing in us. I will keep on keeping on and I hope you do the same.  Here are some photos from our stop we made in Tombstone, Arizona. I especially like the one of Shannon and I. Doesn’t she look lovely? Tombstone is a place that I have wanted to go since I was a child. My Father raised me on strong diet of western films and a very “cowboy” type outlook on life. Sadly, I never became the next Lane Frost. To tell you the truth my sister was way better at riding dirt bikes than me! I was more interested in writing poetry or playing my guitar. I hope you enjoy these photos. I will be staying in touch more. Thank you for reading.

Walk in love…

- Mike

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