Sunday, February 6, 2011

Darns and Cookies

We just finished watching some big-deal football game. My name, along with David & Mike's, got put on the losing team's bet-list. Since we lost our bets, David get cat whiskers drawn on him, Mike gets to be punched by a seven-year-old, and I get to eat cat food. The thing about cat food though is that I have a strange, irrational fear of pet food. This is going to be awful. I tried to find a scientific name for the phobia of pet food, but I could not find one. If anyone happens to stumble across the name, let me know. 
In other news, I forgot to post pictures from when we went to the Hoover Dam. It was a pretty incredible place to visit. Our trailer got searched by homeland security before we were allowed to get close to the dam. Even though we're good kids, it still makes me nervous getting searched by intimidating looking people in well-ironed uniforms. I mean, what if I missed the memo that chocolate was now illegal? I would be in big trouble if that happened.  
We got to meet some really neat people in Arizona that had tangelo, lemon, and kumquat trees in their yard. How cool is that? I wish we could grow fruit trees in our van- especially banana trees.

We're leaving Texas tomorrow morning (like, reeeaaaally early in the morning). I'm pretty sad about it- there are so many wonderful people here who feed you cookies, treat you like family, and have really awesome cats. I can't wait to get back at the beginning of March.


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