Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow in Texas?!?!?

As I write this the Steelers just completed a pass and got another first down. Don’t let my previous statement fool you. I know very, very little about football.  However, this week has been interesting. There was a record setting amount of snowfall this last week in Texas. Attendance at our shows was damaged due to bad roads, and we even had a cancellation. I can either be upset about it or look on the brightside. Although we had a cancellation and not everyone could make it out, these last couple shows have been some of the most encouraging to me.

            It’s really strange to be playing songs and hear words that you put on paper being sung back to you. Yet I don’t view these songs as my own or our bands or property of anyone. I view them as something I have the privilege of sharing with others. They are the songs of all the individuals who have listened. They are the stories of so many people who tell us their lives have been changed by what we are doing. This is far more rewarding in comparison with a turnout or a snowstorm. 

            All in all, I am thankful for the life I have been given. I am encouraged to have the opportunity to be traveling the country and meeting new people everyday. After church, Shannon & I had lunch with Mike & Brenda William’s family. They are, in my opinion, an incredible portrayal of an American family. Mike has been an inspiration to me over the last couple years. He is an avid reader and encouraged me to do the same. He is one of those folks you just have to listen to. I am thankful for the words we have shared and the valuable lessons he has taught me. Being unwilling to learn from the experiences of other’s is extremely foolish. I count it a privilege to know such men, and to be taught by them.

            While at their home today Shannon and I walked around on their property and eventually sat on a dock overlooking a small pond. It was there that I convinced her that alligators live in it and that they ate one of the William’s grandchildren. She believed me, until I started laughing.  So I confessed my tall tale and she was not the slightest bit impressed. We had a good time though. Her company is sweet and refreshing. She is most certainly my best friend. I enjoy the time I spend with her on the road.

            After walking back inside we where treated to a Texan style meal. It was fantastic! Shortly after eating we retired to Mike’s den where I listened to Shannon and him discuss the development of the early church and Plato. Of course, I am impressed with Mike, but Shannon really blew my mind as well. She is incredibly talented and extremely intelligent.  Her knowledge on literature is beyond her years. I always tell her that if she started her own band I wouldn’t have a shot at music. Which is the truth. Bottom line, I am so thankful for her and her encouragement these last couple years. Thanks to every one of you who has supported us! Stay in touch! Leave a comment or sent a message.

Walk in Love.

- Mike

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